Sponsor a Child , a Pastor, or an Evangelist

Sponsorship FAQs:

  • Child sponsorships at Blessed Children’s Home are $30/month.
  • Transitions sponsorships (for educational costs, pre- and post-graduate, including elementary, secondary, college, vocational, and micro-loans) can be any amount.
  • Pastor and evangelist sponsorships are $75/month (church planting and other works).

As a sponsor, what will I receive?

Sponsors will receive:

  • A letter and/or drawing, annual progress report, and an updated photo from your sponsored child/pastor/evangelist at least once a year (sometimes more).  You can see positive changes in your sponsored child’s life and pray for them!
  • Email newsletters and updates from EquipNepal.
  • The opportunity to send birthday, holiday, and other greetings to your sponsored child/pastor/evangelist.
  • The joy of opening your heart to and making a significant impact on a special child/pastor/evangelist who will remember your generosity and compassion for a lifetime.

Sponsorship Feedback

“Our choice to sponsor Prativa was motivated a great deal by the fact that our own girls (ages 5 and 1) could grow up knowing about her and we could talk with them about the difference in our circumstances.  There are few opportunities to experience cultural diversity in the rural area we live in.  We see this opportunity as a huge blessing to our family and it is rewarding to think we may be able to make a difference in another person’s life.”  – Zeta and Gary, Wyoming, USA

What are a sponsor’s responsibilities and possibilities?

  • The only responsibility you have as a sponsor is unto the Lord in your commitment.  If you are unable to pay the monthly sponsorship fees, please let us know.
  • You should know that anything your sponsored child receives from you – a letter, card, photo of yourself and family, or gift – is very special to them!  They each have a big vinyl envelope in which to keep the things you send to them.  You may write to them via email or USPS.
  • It is risky to send packages through the mail, although you may attempt it.  The USPS has no control over anything once it leaves our country.  International deliveries via FedEx ad UPS are reliable but costly.  We will contact you, when possible, if there is a way to get correspondence and gifts to your child via courier, if you request it.
  • You may contribute to EquipNepal’s Transitions fund for the education (including college and vocational training) of or business start-up (in the form of a micro loan) for your sponsored child when he or she is ready.

How are the funds EquipNepal receives used to help needy children?

  • 100% of your designated gifts go to the designation (e.g, all of the funds you give in support of a child or a project) goes to the children’s home where the child lives.  EquipNepal does not keep a percentage of your gifts but trusts the Lord to provide for administration costs, including the wiring fees to get the funds to Nepal.  Services provided to sponsored children with these funds include education at a private, Christian school (including uniforms, books, and school supplies); a loving, safe home with supportive Christian staff; proper medical care and nutrition; Christian teaching; and other aid, as necessary.  $30 does not completely cover all of these things, but they are provided via funds that have been and are being given to the Transitions fund, also (which covers education costs), so you can rest assured that each child’s needs are being met.